Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In the ear............

After dinner Wednesday April 30th Jason was cleaning out his snake cages with the shop vac. Bella decided to stick something in her ear to block out the noise he was making. As I was getting their bath water ready she told me she had something in her ear. So I grabbed the flash light and looked inside. YEP, there was something in there. I gave her a quick bath and off to the ER her and Jason went! The ER couldnt get it out and referred us to a specialist. Thursday morning I called Dr. Szmuyla and he got her right in. As soon as she sat in the chair and he came in she started crying. Wouldnt sit still so the nurse came in and help her on her lap while the nurse and Jason held her down. By that time her ear was bleeding so he couldnt get it out. He scheduled her for surgery first thing Friday morning. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am, upon registering they had our last name as Westfall, huh?! So after showing our insurance cards and other forms of identity they changed it and sent us to Ambulatory. We got her in the little gown and cute hospital socks everyone came over to let us know what to expect. The rolled her out of the pre-op area into the OR and a few mins later Dr Szmuyla came over and said he was done!! Poor thing! Was a very nerve racking experience for me all together. To top it off, later that day I get a call from patient registration/billing stating something is off with our our last name and they have Westfall on the papers but our insurance states West. By that time it was too late to call them back. The next morning we had to run out for something and when I got home, again another call from the billing dept. So I returned her call, not so nice and said, I dont understand what the mix up is here and this is not my problem and basically told her our last name is West and to get it changed so there are no more problems. Im sure we'll be back in the near future and I dont want to deal with this again.

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Hey Jenn! It's me, PDQ. I love your blog! I have started blogging again. My new blog is Cranberry Crossings. It's not much right now, but I hope to keep it up this time.
Your's looks great! Talk soon!