Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kitchen Make Over/redo and an award:)

Im not sure I consider this really a "make over", 5 years ago I painted and wallpapered and really loved it at the time! I found the neatest punched tin "look" wallpaper from USAWallpaper and just HAD TO HAVE IT! Then I decided I needed to change out the border as well. The wallpaper came, I took a sample and picked out my paint colors. This was in March if this year. I painted and put up the wallpaper, waiting for the border. It was on backorder for the longest time and FINALLY came in June, I noticed the border did not match the wallcolor, so I had to think about redoing the walls a different color. I recently found the color and was a bit hesitant because it is alot darker than Im used to. I was also thinking of painting my cupboards black and distressing them a little.

Yesterday, just out of the blue I decided to start painting the walls and get the border up. I got the bottom cupboards painted last night at 10pm. Once I got started I didnt want to stop!

Here are a few pictures of what Ive got done so far. I still have a 2nd coat to do on the top cupboards and distressing AND get the doors back on.

New color - Muddlement - I LOVE IT!

Cupboards - from red to black (overlook the mess inside)

No more red - I wasnt too sure about this and actually tried black on bottom and red on top and it just didnt go to well.

Wallpaper and red cupboards close up -
(Ive already posted these pics)

Im going to paint ALL the trim and the 3 doors in my kitchen the red in the saltbox houses on the border and thats it:)

Ive been busy busy busy the past 2 days and Im hurtin like you would not believe!!

On another note.......

I received a SMILE award from Rondell and Tomatoe Creek Prims. Shes such a doll to think of me:)
Ive got the rules for this award on a few posts down. Rather than re-post it Ill just leave it like this!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You have been busy! I love them black and your paint color is great.
I can't wait to see everything done and in place. Great job!

This Country Girl said...

I love the black cabinets and the paint color! I think everything is going to come together very nicely! I'm falling in love with black too! I guess we're both working on kitchens, aren't we?

Have fun!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh Jenn! I LOVE it! The black just ties everything together so nicely! And you get more done than anyone i know!

Congrats on your award. Rondell is an awesome lady!

Beehind Thyme & French Rustic Cottage said...

Love, Love... the color. That is so close to the color we have in the GaTheRiNg PLaCe here at the ShoPPe's. You will not get tired of this color anythyme soon. OH, MY... the cupboards being black is AWESOME!!! Ummm, wonder if hubby would go for that one??? I wish!!!

Thank you dearly for stopping in to visit w/ me, hope to see you again soon.

Blessings 2 you, Pamela

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Love your wallpaper,can't wait to see your finished kitchen, i must get on and make some changes to my kitchen its just finding the care~Kate~

Shari Kraft said...

Love the new look! I think the black cabinets look great. I have red cabinets in my kitchen, but I hate them. They arent' wood, they're laminate--so they are slick and bright red like a car! Not MY pick, I inherited them with the house.

you had asked how to join the drawing on my blog. Just go to the blog, click on the crow on the left hand side, it will take you where you need to be! That's it!

Merrie. said...

Hey Jenn will you come over and do my cabinets?? That wall color kinda looks like my living room color; great minds think alike huh? LOL; Merrie

KKL-Neenee said...

Love your kitchen makeover - looks great!!
Your wall color is similar to the color I painted my bedroom. Love it! I also like your wallpaper!


basketsnprims said...

I love the black cabinets & you did a fantastic job. You have inspired me to tackle mine, maybe this winter when things slow down.
Thanks for sharing.