Monday, August 11, 2008

A lil taste...of whats to come!!

If you know me, you know that I LOVE photography!
I like to think Im pretty good at it too:)

During the winter we will take mini road trips on the weekends just so I can snap winter scenery. Here area few shots of the 07 winter season.

Lake Effect is the prettiest snow of all and living right on Lake Ontario I welcome it (since I cant drive, but my DH will tell you different because he HAS to drive in it)

Winter is not that far off, hard to think about eh?

These are a few shots taken down the road from my house

Beautiful Lake Ontario in Feb

Pretty snowfall


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

As usual, your photos are stunning! And you know I love now and winter! I think I will use one of these for my desktop in a few months. :)

Merrie. said...

Hey Jenn; how did you know I was gonna use that pan for the pantry cakes? Hey when you said you take them out and rub spices on them every hour, did you mean that you actually take them out of the mold they are in and then put them back in the pan after rubbing them? I am so slow sometimes so forgive me if this sounds goofy; as for your hair; I have the same hair; I try to keep it weeded down and I usually flat iron it after dryingit; but the other day I was too lazy to do so and now I am sporting a Don King style! I have usually worn short hair because there is no effort in it; but have had it a little longer, but when it gets hot I start itching to cut it off; it always feels so good; plus it is an instant weight loss; ROFLMAO!!! I used to live on the other side of Lake Ontario; in Burlington,Ont. and I miss it so much! That is such a beautiful bunch of pictures! I have been trying to add email to my blog; I don't know why it doesn't show; but this is it
Talk to ya soon; Merrie