Monday, August 25, 2008

Prim Grubby Ghosts

These guys turned out SO cute and smell SO yummy!
Since I wasnt following a pattern no two are alike.

I just opened an etsy store if anyone is interested:)
I will be posting more items soon...
Sock Ornies
Pine Rope Christmas Garland
and a few other things
Bittersweet Prims
With 3 kids, a zoo and my foot pain I cant get things done as quickly as I would like to.
Let me know what you think of my ghosts:)


This Country Girl said...


I'll be checking out your Etsy store...especially the Christmas items! Thanks for letting us know and good luck with it!

Have a great week!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Cute Jenn! But evertything you do is wonderful! I hope your etsy store works out and is a great success fro you!

Mandie said...

Your welcome on the Blog information to change backgrounds. :)

Thanks so much for hopping over for a visit! I LOVE your witchy tree ;)

Stop by often, Mandie

Heather's Stitches said...

How Adorable!

Good luck on your new Etsy store, you need to put a link on your blog so ppl can go shop..LOL..

Enjoy your Monday.

Tammy said...

AAWWW, they are sooo cute. I love how they turned out. Much luck to you with the Etsy store.

tidymom said...

Love them!!! Good luck on the store too!