Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer fun, Sunflowers, Scenery

I was waiting for my little friend, a hummingbird moth, last night as he been visiting my butterfly bush lately. I probably sat there for a good 45 minutes waiting and waiting. Ive seen him all week and kept saying I gotta grab my camera and snap a pic of him!! Well I waited and waited and he never showed. He must have known, haha!! I did end up with a few great shots of the kids, flowers and the sky.

Look at the size of this bush, its massive!

Yarrow - so delicate


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Jenn those are the most AWESOME pics! My faovrite is the one with the kids! What kind of bush is that?
I also love the others too! What a beautiful photo of nightfall! AMAZING!

Merrie. said...

Jenn; I love the size of those leaves; and I lovbe that you are a firecracker! You rock girl! Tell Miss Isabella that I hope she always loves pink shoes and continues to decorate them! Sounds like she is a lot like her mommy:)I am looking for sparkly things for mine:) A crown would be nice!!!! LOL