Wednesday, August 6, 2008


7 Strange Things About Me!
Carolyn Cranberry Crossings has tagged me! I have to tell you seven random and/or strange things about me!

1. I am very particular about my hair. After it is washed, I have to leave a towel on my head for 15 mins (no sooner, no later) If it doesnt turn out right after I blowdry I almost ALWAYS end up re-washing and starting over!

2. When I start a project I usually dont end up finishing it for unknown reasons.
(I painted my bedroom last fall and its still not finished!!!)

3. I have a Spiritual Consultant whom I visit once a yr and email regularly.

4. I have an addiction to sunglasses. I have over 30 pairs now!

5. I have an addiction to mascara - weird huh? I only use a bottle of mascara for a month, no matter the brand OR how expensive, then I throw it out and open a new bottle. I HATE the clumps the brush gets after its a month old!!

6. Dirty windows drive me nuts, especially in the car!

7. I have 4 spiritual tattoos, bet ya never knew that!?

Okay, now I am tagging Merrie from Where The Blackbird Sings AND anyone else who happens to stumble upon my blog and wants to join in:)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

And I thought I KNEW you! LOL! Didn't know that about your hair or the mascara! I also hate clumpy mascara! UGH!
I hate my hair too. I don't think I ever have "good hair days."

Merrie. said...

Now I gotta think!!!!!! Hey the mascara thing is probably healthy; I have heard of sooo many getting eye infections from using mascara too long; so maybe that is a good thing!!! Hey I justy noticed that you are cancer too!!! I am July 15; what about you?? Thanks for tagging me; I'll get you later; LOL!!!!