Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Ankle Update!

Arentcha all just sick of hearing me post about this?

Im sorry!

The past 2 days Ive been doing good. Ive been wearing my walking sneakers from the time I wake up til the time I go to bed and that seems to help some. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty rough, I couldnt get around at all without my crutches. Kindle now calls me Crutchma, ha! I talked to the Dr on Tues who said we'll have to up surgery and to call the office back to make an apt to be seen. I called Wed and got the answering machine, left them a message about making an apt and they were supposed to call back withink 24 hours. Here is it Friday and no call. Now this is the SAME Drs office who kept screwing up my CT apt back in July. The office girls are very rude, they act like I am putting them out. They make me feel very small and afraid to call when I need to call!! I called AGAIN today and was ready to lay into her she was rude. She wasnt too bad, but sighed real loud when I told her who I was and wanted to make another apt to be seen. Doesnt seem right to me!!

I also called another Orthopaedic Surgeon in Buffalo for a 2nd opinion and am waiting for him to review my info and call back with an apt date. My laywer suggested I get a 2nd opinion, not sure why - but he did!

This will be my 3rd surgery on this ankle, the first was to repair the shattered talus, the 2nd was to repair the AVN that had set it with a bone graft from my own hip. Since the 2nd surgery I had a severe collapse so this 3rd one with be a complete ankle fusion leaving me zero range of motion in my foot. Hey, if it works and Im pain free Ill be happy! Ill always have a limp but I think Ill be ok with that!

Thank you for all of your wonderful and heartfelt comments on my last ankle post, it sure does mean ALOT to me!!

My next apt is Oct 7th, 2 weeks away so as soon as I know something Ill post


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I sure hope the next operation does the trick. It has had to be hard taken care of three kids while on crutches.
Take care!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Crossing my fingers you'll be pain free soon!

Holy moly 3 surgeries. I can see why you don't really want to do it. But I do agree with the second opinion.


Deb said...

Hi Jenn, I'm for getting better what ever it takes. Now about the people in the office being rude, the next time I saw the doctor I would let him know in a calm way. Sometimes people get away with things so long they don't even consider being nicer. Deb

Karen said...

Jenn, I have commented on this post but it never shows up...hummmm.
Anyway, sorry you have been having so much trouble...hope things come out better soon.

Cathy said...

Gosh that sounds sooo painful!!! Hoping you can get some much needed relief soon! Thinking of you!

lindanuts said...

Oh, Hon, you are right to get a second opinion. You should mention to the doctor that his 'help' is rude and demeaning to you instead of helpful and positive. They should be treating you with respect!