Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodies from Pay It Forward

A while back I joined a Pay It Forward from Merrie at Where The Blackbirds Sing, LOOK what was waiting for me on my porch yesterday afternoon.

Haha, does she know me or what?

There are 3 large molds - for pantry cakes! Ive been looking for large ones with no luck!
2 of the cutest lil punkin buckets
a yankee candle tart - tea and honey
3 looks like homeade candle tarts, did you make these Merrie?
A cinnabun that looks great on my stove
A spider luminary WITH the tealight, haha!
A package of Mary Englebright note cards
A wooden spoon thats just calling for me to paint it
A wooden cheese box, which I was seaerching my basement for another one for a candle light display the other day and couldnt find one. Was she reading my mind ??

Thanks so much Merrie, I love it all! VERY generous, there is SO much here:)
Cant wait to play again!!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a sweet and generous person Merrie is! Glad your so happy with everything so neat to get prims in the mail isn't it?

I wanted to ask, where do you get your cute graphics on your blog? I do enjoy them:) Oh, and by the way I do love your header!
One lady had bittersweet at the festivel but she wanted 5.00 for a bunch...now I would have paid 3.00:)

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

That is just awesome! How very sweet of her! Conrgats to you, Jenn!

Merrie. said...

Hey Jenn; glad you loved them; when I saw these things I knew you would know exactly what to do with them! I made the cinnabun as a bowl filler; the recipe was on Sandy's blog; but I dipped them in wax; the tarts are from your pantry cakes recipe; they are also bowl fillers; I dipped the pantry cakes in wax to make them smell good; I primmed the cheesecloth with coffee and spices and dried it in a warm oven. I am so glad you liked the cheesebox; they are often too pricey for me; but last year I was able to score a bunch cheap at the Springfield Ohio Antique Fest. I love your T2T cabinet; lucky dog! That is so great with the beadboard sides! Talk to you soon! Merrie

belladella said...

Wow! Lucky girl! Great stuff.