Thursday, September 11, 2008

A way to warm up the house

When I woke up this morning it was a chilly 42 outside and 57 inside! Brrrr!
Instead of turning on the furnace I was thinking of something to bake. I thought, chocolate chip cookies BUT I dont have any chocolate chips:(
Mmm, a warm choc chip cookie sounds good right about now doesnt it?
I was looking and looking, of course I had this but didnt have that so I came up with these.......

Salt dough stars and trees. Last yr I did good with selling on ebay so Ill be posting soon. I do dip them in scented wax, the trees with be scented with Home For The Holdays and stars will be scented with Cinnamon. Ill post pics when Im done. I may even try to prim them up after the wax with spices and coffee...wish me luck:)

Oh yeah - the house is warm!!!


Heather's Stitches said...


I can't wait to see these finished!

Enjoy your Day,

This Country Girl said...

I could just feel the warmth and smell the smells coming from your kitchen all the way here! :) So cozy! I can't wait to see them when you get done! I love doing salt dough!


Shari Kraft said...

How fun! I love these salt dough fixen's! I haven't made them for awhile...maybe I'll do some this weekend!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

They look good enough to eat! LOL! And when you are done, they will smell good enough to eat!