Monday, October 13, 2008

NY In The Fall, Day 2

It was simply STUNNING yesterday!
The weather was beautiful.
The scenery was beautiful.

Kindle spent the weekend with her grandparents, they live in Attica NY! Its about 50 miles South of where we live. I figured we'd take a nice road trip and pick her up on our way home since thats the area I wanted to view.

This place is called Cascade Falls and Devils Hole. There are 2 waterfalls, a smaller one at the top and a tall one at the bottom leading down to Devils Hole. I couldnt get a picture of the tall one because you stand on top of it and the edge to look down is a bit too steep for me! The walk down was a bit hard for me with my ankle, but I DID IT! I was determined to take the kids down there so they could see nature at its finest! And boy was this THE PLACE!!

Bella and Domonic playing in the water which was a bit cool but they didnt mind!

Heading back up to the car. It doesnt look that steep but it really was!
It gave me a HUGE workout, ha!!

More scenery photos, the colors were SO vibrant and breathtaking. The camera really doesnt do this justice!

And that was our scenery road trip!
Be sure to click on the pics to enlarge them!

When we stopped to pick Kin up she came walking out with 2 of the most fragrant dried flower bouqets I have ever seen. Her grandparents live in an old cobblestone home FULL of antiques and primitives. Kathy her grandmother harvests dried flowers for local shops in the area that she grows in her gardens.
I was SO happy when I saw her walking down to the car with these!!

Phew.....this is a long one eh!??

WAIT! Justa few more pics, ha!

Friday afternoon my MIL called over, she needed Bella to come over to look at something with her. So off Bella went. A few hours later Deb calls and said remember how I promised Bella a pony, I said.........yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

Meet Velvet, haha! She will board in MILs barn but the pasture will be in our back acre. Shes only 4 years old and sweet as can be. Bella is IN LOVE!!!!
She got spooked last night as Jason was walking her around the yard, Bella on her back, she took a fall and was a little hesitant to get back on but she did:)

Thanks for sharing my weekend with me.
I hope you all had a wonderful one as well!!!


basketsnprims said...

Jenn, thanks for sharing your weekend with us. The scenery is just beautiful and your kids are adorable. I love the dried flowers you got, I just love yarrow, I think I saw some in the 2nd pic. Oh, how lucky Bella is to get her own pony. Have a great week.

CozyCoops Corner said...

Those pictures a wonderful! I can't believe how pretty the trees are ! Now I want to go drive around here and see if we have any areas even close to that pretty ! That last picture with your daughter and the pony is adorable ~ so cute ! Have a great day !

Cathy said...

Wow is it ever beautiful there!!! I bet Bella is one proud little girl right now!!!

Have a great day!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Jen, , as always, your photos are AWESOME! I think I will gran one for my computer background! LOL!
Velvet is so cute! I know the kids will love having her to ride. What a sweet pet!
Have a great day!

Terry said...

Your color up there is gorgeous Jenn! We're just now starting to turn.
I love the pic with the dirt road, corn fields and fall color in the back. Great composition!
That pony is adorable, and the look on Bella's face is priceless.
Love the dried flowers...she did a nice job...she used a lot of the everlastings and they will last you a long time.

Julie said...

What beautiful photos. My girls would be in heaven to see a horse that little--what fun!! julie

Denise S. said...

Jenn your pictures rock girl and the kids are little dolls.

I haven't seen a Shetland pony in so long.

Backwoodsprim said...

Wow! What beautiful scenery!!
I know you all must have had a wonderful weekend....that's so nice
for families to get outside and explore nature...
The pony is so cute...our kids used to have one named "Cookie".
They kept it for quite a while until they outgrew it and started riding horses....I know your kids must love it!! :)

My*Prim*Cottage said...

What beautiful pics! You live in a gorgeous place! Love it! ~Beth~

AnnaSam said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.I'm so glad that you had a great weekend! I hope your ankle is getting better.And I will be trying some of your salt dough ornies this week!I hope I do well on them. It will be my first time. i'm excited. I also want to try your snowballs some time soon. Thanks so much for sharing these.Have a blessed day!

tidymom said...

Oh What fun!!!! We got our oldest dd a pony when she was about that age too!!!............of course her younger sister (they're 8.5 years apart) always asks "where's MY pony" LOL


Lesa said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics! Congrats on the new pet....sooooo cute.