Monday, November 3, 2008

In the nose!

Back in April I posted about Bella sticking something in her ear!
We took her to the ER and they couldn't get it out, referred us to a specialist!
The next day we took her to see him, AND she freaked! He ended up pushing it further in and causing a whole-lotta blood. He scheduled her for "surgery" the next morning. What a NIGHTMARE! I am SO NOT GOOD in these types of situations. I freak, the kids freak, I cry, the kids cry!

I was outside waiting for Bella a few minutes ago, when we walked in the house Domi was crying and pointing to his nose. SURE ENOUGH, there was something in there.

Have you ever tried to hold a kid down that is freaking and crying because they are scared? They have an AMAZING amount of strength!!! At first I didn't know what it was so I grabbed the tweezers and laid him on the couch, hoping I could hold his arms legs and head down. NOPE!! I just kinda pushed it down from the top of his nose and THANK THE LORD it popped out!

It was a bead, a rather large one at that!!

Jason is 45 minutes away, I don't have a car and cant drive anyhow. A million thoughts were running through my head as he was freaking and I was crying...what am I gonna do? Something kicked in and it was over in seconds!

Ive had a few "close calls" with my kids and like I said I am NOT good in these situations. This kind of stuff seems to always happen with I'm home alone!!


Kimberly said...

Wow that brought back a little memory of one of my girls with a little hair snap thing up her nose... thank goodness they were both such good nose blowers!

...what was it up Dom's nose...?
...and in Bella's ear...?

belladella said...

I want to know the same thing- what was up his nose???? Sorry, I am weird like that :)

Oh, and love the Christmas music. It's killing me but I love it!

Cathy said...

Aww.. sounds just like my little Matthew.... He put a rock up his nose one night last week at a ball game and then the VERY next day a peanut up it! ARGH.... Luckily, my sister showed me something gross.... She blew in his mouth when the rock incident happened and it popped right back out... so guess what I did when the peanut happened!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh! I am so glad you got it out! When I was little my oldest sister held me down and shoved a bead up my nose! My Daddy was out in the ocean somewhere on a big fishing boat, so Mama had to drag me all over the place trying to find help. I was only around 2 years old, but I remember it! She finally got someone to take us to the ER and they got it out, but it was deep in there. My sister deserved the spanking she got! LOL! She was such a big bully back then!

My*Prim*Cottage said...

Does anyone remember that game, Don't Spill the Beans? Well, when we were little my little brother shoved a few of those beans up his nose and mom and dad couldn't get them out. So, they had to take himto the ER. When they got home mom threw the beans in the trash. Now imagine a brand new game to play with that requires the beans to play it and your mom throws them in the trash and gives you the rest of the game back to play with!!! I was so mad at my little brother....but now I laugh! ~Beth~

basketsnprims said...

So glad you got it out, Jenn. How awful for you, though, especially if you are the type to panic.


pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Jenn,I can remember something like that happening while i was babysitting and 3yearold boy and he stuck a bead up his nose,and he was crying but something made me calm and i told him to stop crying and sniffling as i thought it would go further up his nose and i said it would only take a few seconds to get it out with tweezers and his brother could count and i did in a few seconds whew, i think keeping calm was my animal nurse training.Hope all is well now.Take care~Kate~

Sue said...

Bless your heart! What is it with kids shoving things up their noses?? I'm so glad you were able to get it out. I probably would have feaked out myself.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Your post reminded me of my niece when she was about 3 years old...her brother and sisters kept telling my sister that she she had stuck a bandaid up her nose and had it in there for a couple days of course they had to take her to the ER to have it removed. Thank goodness mine didn't do this, I hope your okay now and yes they do get incredibly strong don't they:)

Linda said...

Same thing here. When David was out of town on business is when we would have our emergencies too. Glad it came out this time on it's own!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been following your blog now for several months and it is great!! Love this little story and sorry to hear you had to tackle this by yourself. I am lucky, my son never did stuff like that!

Anyway, is the picture of your kitchen window recent? if so, you decorated for Christmas already?? lucky you, I have to hold myself back or people think I am crazy, LOL!! I love how you decorated your window. I have a double window above my sink and I never seem to do it justice but you gave me some ideas, Thanks!

Jill from NY

Laurie from Amish Country said...

Wow...hope all is well now. I feel lucky that I never went through that kind of thing with my boys. I am not sure how I would have handled it. You seemed to have handled it pretty darn good!

Terry said...

OMG Jenn! I would've been crying too. Lucky thing my boys never did that. All they did is fall and break things, Oh...I forgot the stick Scot fell on.
Remind me to tell you about that one day.

Sooooo glad you got it out!

Kath said...

OMGosh....I'm so gald ya got it out! I would have been in a panic too...
I don't ever remember my son putting anything in his nose...or anywhere else!
IF he's STILL there! LOL...he's 25 now! ;)


Kath said...

I forgot to mention...I love you blog header pic! :)