Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas photos to share

Good Morning,

Wow, I cant believe its already Dec 11 - where is the time going? I keep telling myself I need to slow down and enjoy the music, the lights, the warmth, the magic of it all. But it seems another day passes so quickly. Before I know it Ill be up to my chin in flour and butter, Christmas will come and go and it wil be time to settle in for a long winter.......

I just wanted to post a few photos of my Holiday home.

We dont really decorate the outside because of the wind. We are about 5 mins from Lake Ontario and it is ALWAYS super windy. I cant even really put out summer decor, it gets destroyed as fast as I put it out. Wind chimes will last a good 3 weeks and thats it!!!! So Jas put up my icicle lights and Ive got vines, greenery, white lights and a sled on my front porch - simple!

There is a slideshow of my home to view more pics:)

Thanks for letting me know your ~Chrismtas Collections~. Now, I wanna see pics:)


Janene said...

Jenn~I love that first photo! It is an awesome arrangement!
Thanks for sharing your Christmas decor...It looks great!

My*Prim*Cottage said...

Jenn, I really love that Santa with the bells on it! Cute!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I loved watching the slideshow ! Everything is so pretty ! I feel like the days are flying by too. I need to sit down and enjoy Christmas before it's over !Have a good day !

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I think I have watched your slide-show about 10 times already! And every time I see something I missed! Everything looks great! And to think that you did all of this while you were sick blows my mind!
I hope you do get to slow down and enjoy the season. Times like this fade fast and are over too quickly. So make some time to just enjoy this time with your kids and family.
Have a great day, Jenn!

Tammy said...

Jenn, I love the first photo too. Everything looks great.

And yes the time is flying by. Gosh, seems we never have time to just enjoy everything the Christmas season has to offer.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs, Tammy

Kath said...

Hi Jenn,
EVERY thing looks great!!
...time is flyin by too fast for me...seems I can't catch up!

Hope you and the kiddo's are feeling better :)


Kindra said...

Yes, I can't believe it's the end of this crazy year!! I will be glad to start anew in 2009! But I need to slow down and enjoy this Holiday season first. Love you Christmas decor! You have a knack at decorating, that's for sure!

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing more pics...everything looks so prim and great. Love it...


Linda said...

Love all your decor Jenn!!

Terry said...

Ha! Carolyn has watched your slideshow as much as I have. Like her, I always see something I've missed.
Did you make the Santa on the shelf in the last picture? He's so cute!
I love everything you've done!

I have the same problem as you do decorating outside. Our house faces southwest, and how the wind blows in. Last Sat. night I kept hearing something banging, and opened the front door, and all of my decorations were blowing all over the porch. hahaha!
I redid it, but who knows how long it's gonna last!

Watch the mail Sat. or maybe Mon.

Jenn said...

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Lisa said...


I love primitives too. I added myself to your blog followers. I have my Christmas primitive type stuff out now for the holidays. You can check it out at
I'm going to add some close up shots in a day or two. I hope you follow my blog. I love to connect with people who share the same passion. I think I'm addicted actually.