Friday, December 5, 2008

New Prim Blogger

Hey Prim Pals!!

Be sure to stop over and "meet" Sharon of PrimThymes.

She has a BEAUTIFUL home FULL of prims, and shes super sweet:)

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on yesterdays post!
It sure was a hard thing for me to post but I had quite a few questions and everytime I talk about my ankle Im sure some were wondering what I was talking about.

After being in an accident like that it is VERY hard to talk about and even put into words when I do talk about it. Like I said, I have mixed emotions on the whole thing. If alcohol hadnt been invovled (on the other part) I might feel different....but I dont and I dont feel bad about feeling the way I do one bit!

So thanks for bringing a little cheer into my life yall ROCK:)


Rhonda@theoldestonehouse said...

I'm just so sorry you have to endure everything related to this accident. I worked in a trauma center for 17 years and I saw enought to know how lucky you are.It's not fair to have to live with the pain. If people could only learn that alcohol and driving just don't mix. Keep on moving forward. That's the only thing that beats the memories.

basketsnprims said...

Jenn, I'm glad you got thru the day yesterday. That has to be such a hard thing to try & get over. I'm off to check out the new prim site. Thanks for letting us know.

~ Pam

Merrie. said...

Hey Jenn thanks for visiting; Niles has dry eyes; which may be because he is getting older; the other vets did not diagnose this correctly; I feel so bad about it; he now has damage that hopefully will be rectified; but he is going to have to stay on articial tears for the rest of his life; he was getting green eye boogers and it was driving me nuts so I took him to see Bitsy's gramma; she is so cool. He is just as wild as ever; thanks for worrying; hey MI is not too far; esp. if you cut through Ontario; LOL; I want to come to Buffalo in the Spring when it gets warm; we can hang out and go nuts!!! Plan on it girlfriend! Hope you are feeling better today!! Talk to you soon; Merrie

Kindra said...

Thanks for sharing the accident incident with us. I know it must be hard but it's nice to share our stories on our blogs and get all the love and support from our friends. :) After looking at the painful pictures it was nice to see some painted toe nails. :)

Linda said...

Hi Jenn,

Glad that has passed and I don't blame you one bit for your feelings. They are what they are. Acknowledging them is good - it allows you to move on to the next day a bit easier. hugs, Linda

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Hope you are having a good day, I will go look at the new blog, thanks for sharing.

Debbie @ said...

Hi Jenn, thanks for the post, I will definitely go by for a visit! Hope you are having a blessed weekend! I am a little overwhelmed with trying to get things done...and a soccer tournament this week...who planned that? Surely not a woman! Hahaha...anyhoo....stay blessed!