Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plumbers Candles, looking for info

Good Morning!

Ive been driving myself NUTS trying to find PLAIN tapers or plumbers candles at a wholesale price. I want to prim them myself and I cant find what Im looking for.

Can anyone help me? Know of a site that sells them for a fairly reasonable price?

Thanks much


simple~needs said...

do you want the ones that are on a single wick?
i get mine here
its about 15 min. from my house. i think i paid 79 cents for a set of 10 inch ones.

if you are wanting the single candles then i suggest instead of tapers, use the chunkier emergency candles that you can get at the everything for a dollar store . there is 10-12 in a box(for a 1.00). i like these candles because when grubied they really look prim. :)
i hope that helps.

Janene said...

I hope you find the ones that you are looking for!
I like the emergency candles too. I wish that I could find them at the price of 10-12 for $1...I will definately be looking!

Woods Olde Homestead said...

I too get the ones from the dollar tree and also if you check Wal-mart they have
the single tapers sometimes for .20 each...
Hope you find what you are looking for...
have a great day..
Prim Blessings...

Dani said...

Hi there,
I get my tapers from dollar store,
they're 10 in pack.

now as for the really fat colonial type plumber candles, you can find them in plumbing department at ACE or True Value, They would even order some for you, I got mine by the case of 200. LOL they were like 59 cents each. Anyhow, either way, they're both available, only thing I can not find is the 4 inches tapers. Dollar store used to carry them, but not anymore. So now i just get the 6inch from dollar store, cut them 4inche then use the rest for little nubbies.

hope that helps. Have a wonderful day.


Linda said...

I don't know where to buy them but I know I love them and I wish I knew how to make them!
I got my package today...beautifully wrapped and with a surpise! I absolutely love them both! They areperfect. Check out my blog as I plan to post them!

Diane B said...

I found plumbers candles at dollar tree 10 for a buck these are the 4" size...

Kath said...

Hi Jenn!
Just wanted to thank ya for your prayers! :)

Good luck with your candle hunt!