Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bees - 100's of them!


Domonic went to get dressed and came out screaming that there was a wasp in there.

He was right! They have somehow made a hole in the ceiling and there are literally hundreds flying around their bedroom. Kin went in and took the screen out in hopes they would fly out. I am severly allergic! 3 years ago I ended up in the ambulance because one stung me on my elbow. I blew up, had hives and my throat closed up.

I am out of epi's so I cant chance going in there.

My dad is on his way over with some bee spray hopefully, I really hate to see how big their nest is in the attic. That is something Jason might have to take care of when he gets home from work tonite, which isnt until 6:30.

So ya see why we had to call on my dad who lives 45 mins away!

I was able to snap a few pics from a pretty safe distance but I was shaking so the quality could be better. But I wasnt about to push it for a few pictures!!

Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers!

Update - The hole started as a tiny pencil tip type hole and is now the size of a small dessert plate. Jason got home about 40 mins ago and went up to spray! The hive was about 4 feet long and 3 feet wide!!!!

He got the majority of the hive split up and bees killed with a couple bottles of spray and set off to foggers so Im hoping that takes care of them! Ill have him get more spray if I see more tomorrow!


Carmen C. said...

Oh my goodness, take the kiddies and head outside! This happened to us once, they had a huge nest in the attic, and bored a hole through the ceiling and were flying down about 10 bees per second, hope all goes well in getting rid of them, be safe!

Denise said...

OMGosh...I hope your dad can get them under control with the spray.


At Home With Amy said...

Don't take any unnecessary chances with these bees. Stay out of the house until you are sure they are gone. Best of luck to you.

NorthWoods Country said...

Good Luck with the bees! we are in a battle with yellow jackets and honey bees, my husband is very allergic to them he has been to the ER twice last month. Use seven dust, get a turkey baster and spray it on the entry of where they are coming in, early am or eve when there napping it works great takes a few days to kill all but apply the dust again in a couple of days, it works so much better then bug spray and if they dont die right away they carry it back to the main nest and the rest gets a taste of it, We are only killing the yellow jackets not the honey bees.

Good luck and be very careful
Denise NE OH

basketsnprims said...

Wishing you the best, Jenn, and I'll keep you & the kids in my prayers. I hope Jason can take care of it.

ohiofarmgirl said...

We had this happen..if you can find where they are getting in...put can find it at is a powder...they will get into it as they come and go and drag it to the nest and kill them. Worked for us! Dianntha

Terry said...

How awful Jenn! Ken's allergic too. Hope Jason can get all of them taken care of!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I hope that your husband was able to take care of all of those bees. I am allergic to them also...ended up in the ER when I was about 16 years old. 3 of them stung me on my foot and I swelled up and got hives. I try very hard to stay away from bees too!!
I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that the bees are all gone quickly.

Phillane E'lee said...

scarey, scarey! we are allergic here too. Becareful!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Holy Moly, I'd be panicing - I don't get near those things and then to have them in your home. Ick.
Glad it got taken care of by your great White Knight!!!!


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

OMGosh! Jenn, I hope they are all gone by now! So scary that you are that allergic. You need to get some more epi pens and ALWAYS have one with you!

Have a great day!