Friday, April 30, 2010

Easter Prims Overstock, really cheap sale

I just dont have the room to store my Easter overstocks. Im offering them today for really good prices.

Folky Pastel bunny hangers, 2 available. Pink and blue.
$8 ea plus shipping

Folky Hare make do, smaller one on wooden base
$8 plus shipping

Winged Heart Hangers, 2 available
$4 plus shipping

Grungy bunny sitter

Check back with me as I will be listing tons more after I go to my shop this weekend!

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Patti said...

cute stuff Jenn. Haven't heard anything from Pat yet....

Patti said...

she knows that I did AppleUmpkin last year (juried) and I also sent her some email pics of my stuff). :)