Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend of camping and exploring!!

We went camping again this past weekend and decided to do a bit of exploring on Saturday since it was so hot and the ac was in the car. We camp down at Jason's parents land in Allen, NY. Its VERY pretty down there!!!! Takes us a little under 2 hours to get there so its quite a bit South from where we are.

We came across this very very old (1800's) cemetery so we pulled over and snapped a few pics.

I thought they made the neatest pictures!

Friday on our way down I spotted a tiny little kitten right on the side of the road. If someone hadn't been paying attention and went off of the side just a bit she would have been hit for sure! I told Jason to turn around and as we pulled up she ran a bit so I thought there was no way shes was going to come to me. When i got out and called her she just froze and let me pick her up! I figure shes about 8 weeks old, ALL skin and bones. She is just the sweetest little thing!

There was a house a few feet away so we thought wede pull in and see if "kitty" belonged to them. As we pulled in I felt like I was in a scene from Deliverance so I told Jason to get the hell out of there! NO THANKS!!!!

At first we weren't going to keep her but of course the kids are totally attached now!

I have to call the vet and get her in for her first shots, worm and have her stool tested.

So this is Lenny, as we call her:)

Isn't she precious?

A few more camping pics......

Swimming in the Genesee River

Playing in the creek (crick)

Jason and Domonic caught a fish!!!

In the canoe

Yeah - Gross!!!

And here is a sneak peek at what Ive been working on among tons and tons of Fall dolls!!

You wont see the pencil marks when I am finished

I just have to find the perfect fabric for their clothes and I can finish them up.
Will post pics!

Can you believe August is almost here? Wow.....I'm counting down the days til school starts.......:)


Patti said...

looks like you all had a fun time....great pics esp of the cemetary stones...where's the pic of the scarey house? Can't believe you got a kitty!! LOL I also CAN'T wait til school starts!! I love those faces!!! very cool....can't wait to see the finished products.

Dawn said...

I so admire you ladies who can sew and stuff so well and then paint like you do. That is such an art! I can't follow a pattern to save my life:( they look great, am loveing the green guy!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh your little Lenny is so precious!!! I am so glad you found this wee little one and are taking him the photo of the kids in the back seat holding this precious little soul..I love the 2 dolls you are in the process of making...they are the camping photos too..have a great week.;)

Frugalious Living said...

I LOVE the fall guys you're working on! I can't wait to see them done. We tried to rescue a kitten by the side of the road once, but he bolted when we got close. Your kitty is so sweet, and lucky you guys passed by! :)

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Jenn, those are the neatest photos! The grave markers are beautiful and very touching.

Your camping pics are awesome! Love them all!

And your doll heads look incredible! I can't wait to see the finished dolls.

Have a great weekend!