Sunday, October 10, 2010

So..Im thinkin another giveaway!!


BUT, this one WILL be different!

I'm not sure what I will be making yet, but it will be some type of Christmas prim.
Maybe even 2 or 3!!!

So, whatcha gotta do to enter? Its pretty simple actually.
Answer 3 questions about me.
You must have the CORRECT answer on ALL 3 questions.
You MUST post your answers on this post ONLY in order to be counted!

All of the answers to these questions ARE on my blog under different posts so if you don't "know" me you will have a good shot and getting the right answers!

1. What is my favorite band?
2. What is my REAL haircolor?
3. What is my favorite thing to do in the winter?


I will leave this open until Friday Nov 12th and post the winner{s} then!


Please do NOT post this giveaway on your blogs!


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

are the answers open to everyone or do you have them hidden girly??...I know these!! yay!!

michelle said...

wow that was some treasure hunting there.I have no where near as long bloggin a you been did enjoy myself though and found all the answers.Im with Patti,did you want them posted on here?thanks blessings michelle

michelle said...

ok Im back I see that Its by blog approval so Im gonna list'em for ya.Your fav thing to do is make christmas cookies,which look amazing.then give them as gifts,which if you ask me is the best to get.Your fav band is Our Lady Peace and your real hair color is red,lucky girl.Im gonna get mine colored red here in a week or so.Its my fav.thank you so much.blessings michelle

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

okay Jenn here are my entries:

Band: Our Lady Peace

Real Haircolor: red (looks almost strawberry)??

Favorite winter thing to do:
Make cookies

I hope they are right!!

Khris said...

What a great idea for the giveaway. I must say comging from hot old Australia I am envious of your gorgeous winters.

Alt/Indie band
Red hair
Baking cookies for Christmas

Hugs Khris

Y1M said...

Jenn~~~How fun is this.

Let's see....

1.Your favorite band is. RAINS
2.Your REAL haircolor is RED
3.Your favorite thing to do in the winter? To give a plate of CHRISTMAS COOKIES for CHRISTMAS as gifts.

Y1M said...

Isn't this just so much fun. Clever. Just love it and so happy to be apart of it.