Thursday, March 15, 2012

A bit of a change:)

Happy Spring!!!

For getting REALLY lucky this winter, snow wise it sure did feel like a long winter. Even our temps were above most of December and Jan!!

So a month or 2 ago.... (kinda lost track somewhere along the way) our shower wall caved in.
We HAD 1970's light blue tile shower walls, original to the house!

See all of the mold? YUCK!!

One night we were sitting watch tv and heard a loud crash. Sure enough a few tiles had caved in so this called for a total gut job since the walls behind the tile were covered in mold.

Back 9 years ago we gutted this same bathroom, everything except the shower area and closet. So I talked the hubs into replacing EVERYTHING!!!

Buuuuuuuuuuuh bye painted floor and pedestal sink (which is only a few years old btw)!!!

Hello Lovely :)

Me and my big ideas - Ive got L O T S!! Lets Replace the sink, the toilet, the tub. Come on Jas, you can build me a cupboard for my sink and I can use 1 of my old wooden bowls as my sink :)

Yooooooooooou betcha I did just that!!!!

Yep - ya see that? My faucet IS a kitchen faucet. I do not like the fountain faucets and I couldnt find a faucet tall enough to fit my bowl. This works well because the end pulls out and reaches all the way into the tub for dog washing!!

I was even able to squeeze new closet shelves out of him!! Ive ONLY been asking for T E N years, I think I deserve nice solid sturdy shelves instead of the make do fall down junk that we (the previous owners) had in there!!!

We arent finished, Im still trying to decide on my vanity light and moldings so stay tuned to more pics.

Speaking of dogs.... I wanted to share our newest family member, Diablo - a 10 week old Cane Corso. Well we actually got him at 7 weeks old so hes ALOT bigger now. Hes gonna be a big boy, his paws NOW are the size of a grown pit bull - ohhhh booooooyyyyyyyyy


lilraggedyangie said...

wowserz what a mess to find in bath ...but O it was so a sign that you needed to redo and it looks fabulous ! Love that huge owl ! And your new pup is so super cute ! have a great weekend ! hugs lil raggedy angie

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Your sink came out amazing! Grat idea!

Carmen and the Primcats

jennifer768 said...

Loving what you are doing in the bathroom!Sweet puppy ,he looks so velvety.Hugs,Jen

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

My goodness what a mess mold makes - glad it's all taken care of for you now.
What a gorgeous bathroom vanity - and I like the idea of the kitchen faucet too - I'm not fond of the bathroom ones.
Adorable Diablo...sweet photo.

Raspberry Lane Farmhouse Living said...

Very nice Jenn...Jason's been busy! Love your new little doggie!! Dom is so adorable!!

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Holy crap I couldn't imagine a shower wall caving in! I wouldn't have another bathroom to use even if it did. lol. LOVE the new sink and stand. Did you treat the bowl with sealer or are you leaving it as is?

JanMarieDollsandPrims said...

Oh! I love the new look in the bathroom... new sink looks amazing..the wood bowl was genius..dontcha just love when things come together...thanks for sharing....jan