Friday, July 18, 2008

Award!! YAY!!!

So I got my very 1st award from a good friend of mine but I feel a little bad accepting it and putting it on my blog because I dont have 7 friends to nominate..haha!

I pretty new to all this blog stuff and Ill tell ya what, I am S T U M P E D when it comes to customizing, layouts, templates, html..blah blah blah!
Im actually pretty good and writing my own html for other sites like myspace or my own website, but this whole blog thing has me confused! Ive played around a few times for an hour or more at times and ive leanred nothing!

Everyones blog I visit is so nicely set up and prim pretty, then theres mine...boring! Ill get it, you watch:) In due time!! Soon enough!! Ill play around more, when I get the time of course. Having 2 little ones and ALL of my birds and my teenager takes up more if not ALL of my time!

So back to the award.....(gosh, howd the purpose of this post get changed?)
Ill get 7 friends to nominate shortly, just let me figure out my blog settings and a way to make my blog prim pretty!!

But I had to at least display the award and credit my chickie friend Carolyn from Cranberry Crossings!!

Thanks girlie!!

1 comment:

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

You are quite welcome and VERY deserving my sweet friend! Your blog looks great already, but if I know you, you will purdy it up even more and make us all jealous! :)
Have a great weekend!