Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fighting...the newest thing!

All they do is fight lately!
Its a new thing, started about a month ago.
(Bella and Dom, that is!)

I noticed it started with a few lil slaps if Bella took something away from Dom or if the situation was reversed! Well now they break out into an all out punching fest!

Sometimes I sit back, watch and get a lil giggle!

I remember growing up ALWAYS fighting with my brother and the older we got, it seemed we fought more. What am I in for? Isnt a teenager enough?

Its seems to have just happened overnight, the change from always getting along and being best of friends and now......always fighting!!

This wasnt taken that long ago....

I so miss the baby days!

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hey Jenn! You have been TAGGED! Drop by my blog to g find out the details! :)

I love those pics of the kids! Maybe they are just going through a phase. We can hope, can't we?
I now that my siblings and I fought like dogs & cats growing up. So it's a normal thing, but I also know it drives parents crazy! Hang in there!