Friday, July 25, 2008

Kitchen Re-do

Even though it is the smallest room in my house, it is my favorite.
When we bought the house in 2000 the cupboards were an ugly dark walnut color and the walls were light blue. I painted the walls a cream color and the cupboards reddish. Because they were so dark it looked like I stained them, which I loved!
A few months ago I decided to re-do my kitchen AGAIN, found some pretty prim wallpaper and border. (This was in March) I am STILL waiting for the rest of my order to arrive, its on backorder...grrr! Ive got the border and it has willow tress and saltbox houses on it to match the paper!
Here is a before and a few afters. Im still not done. Im planning on painting the cupboards black and distressing them.

Before of the wallpaper -
(I couldnt find a pic that showed the cupboards and wallpaper together)

After of the wallpaper -

New light -

Do you think I should leave the cupboards as is? Or paint them black and distress them? If I did them just right Im sure the red would show through?
Comments and advice welcome:)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Jenn, you are such an inspiration to me and so many others! Just look how cute! Even your "before" picture is adorable. But I love, love, love the new wallpaper too! I can't help wih the decision to re-paint your cabinets, because I love reds and also love black! I think either would look great. So I guess if you are ready for a change, then black is the answer. I am just amazed at all you get accomplished!

Jenn said...

Thanks Carolyn!
Even with all of the pain I HAVE to rearrange/change things. I just cant sit around and wish about them. I it is:)

Dolly said...

Love your wallpaper choice Jenn!
It looks great!

As for the cabinets.... I am partial to red.....
But may I suggest something I did in our last house?
I painted the top cabinets cream and the bottom cabinets jadite green! I love that look!
Soooooo maybe if you can't decide you can paint the bottom cabinets black and leave the top cabinets red!

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

Have a great weekend,

friendship village prims said...

We're in the process of going through and redoing every room in the house! What an ongoing adventure!! We have painted our kitchen cabinets, and love it. We did dark cabinets on the bottom and light ones on the top (our kitchen tends to be dark because of shade trees). The lighter top cabinets help to keep the room brighter.
We've painted cabinets out (covering stain) with a light undercoat then dry brushed a top coat of a completely opposite color. Use your candle wax to help with the distressing!

We've enjoyed discovering your redo, thanks for adding us to your blogroll! It's always fun to have friends help with a redo!!

We're do it yourself-er's to the extreme!! Our policy--if it doesn't work out it can be redone--AGAIN...

This simple Life said...

Where did you get that wall paper?