Friday, July 25, 2008

What a relief!

As some of you know I was in a car accident on 1/1/07.
A drunk driver backed out into me, I didnt see him due to a row of cars parked on the side of the road. I t-boned him at 60mph! Flipped his truck over and most of the damage to my car (well a friends car) was on the front passenger side. The dashboard caved down on me and I had to be extricated.
I was rushed to a local trauma hospital where I underwent emergency surgery on my right knee cap and right ankle. I had shattered my patella and talus bone. The talus bone is the main bone in the ankle and mine was dust! I was in a cast for 12 weeks and non weight bearing. I had another surgery in October of 07.
The Orthopaedic Surgeon had to take bone from my hip to repair the talus once again. Again in a cast for 12 weeks. Since my last surgery I have had severe arthritic collapse of the talus and it is basically sitting at the bottom of my foot. I am walking - in ALOT of pain!
I recently went back to the Ortho Dr because the pain at times is too much to handle and I am having times where my ankle is giving out. On July 8th I had my apt, he wanted me to have a CT scan to show the worsening AVN and collapse, so I left the Drs office knowing that the Imaging place was going to call me with an apt date for this CT scan. Well I waited and call!
My followup apt with the Dr was scheduled for July 22nd, 2 weeks after my xrays were taken. Still NO CALL! I called the Drs office Monday the 21st to see what the hold up was. In the meatime Im making myself sick with worry because with out this test the no-fault insurance is about to stop my lost wages payments. The receptionist told me she didnt know what was going on and she would look into it and call me back. Again, I waited - NO CALL! The next day, Tues the 22 (which was my followup apt day) I called back and she said to me..."they havent called you yet"!! I told her no they havent. She cancelled my apt for that day and said shed look into it and call me back. Here is it 3 days later and still NO CALL!
Wednesday night I was up ALL night worrying about this! One income isnt enough for us, I cant drive due to my ankle and I surely cant work.

Monday I get a call from the no-fault saying the Drs report stated that I could return to work. Of course I email my laywer wondering whats up because, how can I work if I can drive? He quickly emailed back and stated the report he has from the Ortho Dr does NOT state that I can return to work. So on top of dealing with someones mess up of making my CT apt Ive got to deal with the no-fault! What a bunch of jerks!!!!

So I was talking to my MIL this morning and she very bluntly said, "give me their number, Ill call them"!! Well you dont mess with this woman - she can tear you apart, haha!

I felt bad for calling them Mon and Tues, kinda felt like I was bugging them, ya know?!!

I get a call back from my MIL who tells me to call the Imaging place and make my apt.
I was SHOCKED to say the least! I called twice trying to figure out what went wrong and where. She calls ONCE and gets answers!! The Drs office told my MIL that the Imaging place tried calling me. WRONG! She told them Im home all day, I dont go anywhere. Shes right!! I cant drive, so I AM home all day every day!

I called to make my apt and she tells me they never called me because the Drs office NEVER faxed over the script! OMG - are you kidding me????? By this point I am LIVID!

I waited a while, calmed myself down and called the Drs to now reschedule my followup apt from the CT scan. She must have felt terrible for the mistakes and told me the Dr was going on vaca but he will have access to the reports and instead of me wasting a trip in she will just have him call me with the results. Haha - I think they felt bad about what had happened. Thank goodness for MILS eh?

So my CT apt is Mon the 28th and once it gets sent to the DR hell call with the results and Im betting he says lets schedule surgery! I was kinda hoping to hold off til the Fall, I can deal with the pain until then but if its too bad I may need to get it done before then!

In the meantime my dear hubby has been dealing with alot of dizziness, blurred vision and neck pain. I MADE him go to his Dr yesterday and tagged along in case he forgot to tell her anything. She wants him to go for a c-spine xray, bloodwork and a CT of his head! You know what we're all thinking???? This is scary stuff and Im worried about him driving home having one of these episodes! The stress from this car accident is literally killing my family!!

Its a wonder Im over weight because I DONT eat, I dont sleep, Im ALWAYS in a bad, frustrated or irritated mood. Now the stress is affecting my hubby!

To top it ALL off, Ive got my depositions coming up in August where I have to see this ass that caused all of this - the drunk driver! Whats to say Im not going to fly over the table and attack him, bad ankle n all?

As sad as it is my wonderful kids are taking the brunt of this because their parents just arent the ppl they should be. Its hard to keep a smile on my face with ALL going on! To top it off, I miss my mom and wish every single day of my life she was here because going thru this would be ALOT easier with her here!

She passed ONE month to the EXACT day of my accident and must have been my angel that night because everyone from the Sheriffs, EMTs, Emergency Room nurses and Drs said if I wasnt wearing my seatbelt I would not have made it!! I hardly ever wore a seatbelt before that night but something made me put it on!


Merrie. said...

I am SOOO sorry to hear of your pain; I have to tell you I HATE DRUNK DRIVERS!!! I was an addictions counselor for about ten years and one day; I just had it! I walked out and haven't gone back! I am burned out on this; these people are allowed to daily and repeatedly endanger our lives and the lives of those we love love because the blankety blank lawmakers are too sfraid to take a stand. I have had a TEEN who killed two of her friends drunk driving before she even had a license! And you know she got a slap on the wrist and her dippy ass family blamed the dead girls for riding with her. My friend's lovely country house was HIT by a drunk driver at the beginmning of this month; she lives on a strees that is pretty straight; how he hit it I don't know; but her family could have been killed; she has a two year old; he ruined their porch and yard and now SHE has to pay out of her pocket to fix it! They are a young family trying to make a living she is a therapist for mental health and doesn't make a whole lot. I have had it with these people. Here in Mi. we seem to collect idiots; the other evening I watched a program that told about a police officer here who had just rescued the public by arresting one idiot drunk and as he was pulling away and crossing the road to go to the station, another drunk idiot came flying through at 100mph an t-boned the cop; it killed the cop! Can you believe it and now this whiner wants sympathy? ARRGH! Anyhow; I hope you sue the pants off this jackass! Sorry; I am on my soapbox again; but drunk driving is NOT and accident; as Judge Judy says; its an on purpose! They should lock them up for a long time the very first time they are caught ! I hope you mend soon! You have all my support. And I love your blog! Merrie

Merrie. said...

can you tell I dont type as well when I am angry? Sorry for the typo LOL:)