Monday, September 8, 2008

Bittersweet, grapvines and corn stalks

Happy Monday Friends!

This weekend was on the chilly and rainy side so we decided to take a ride to my fathers on Sunday to pick apples. He has a huge Orchard and doesnt eat that many so we loaded up. Most of his property is wooded so Jason also got me my grapvines. Friday night Jason cut down some corn stalks for me, they are drying in the garage. So it was a weekend of welcoming Falls bounty. Linda at Behind My Red Door posted about finding her Bittersweet which had me drooling, haha! Ive been looking for it around here for the past 6 years and havent been lucky. There are a few shops that sell it but it is SO overpriced, Jason would kill me if I bought it!

I know of a spot about 60 miles South where it grows alongside the road so after leaving my fathers we decided to take a little rd trip! I hit the JACKPOT!! There are about 25 "bushes" just loaded with berries. The trunk was full of apples and grapevines so Jason and I STUFFED the bittersweet into the back seat and floor, between the kids and in the front seat. As much as I could fit went in and it was ALOT!

I just knew in a matter of time I would start seeing spiders, of course I felt something crawling on my foot and then I see him coming up my leg. I HATE spiders so of course I freaked and there wasnt a thing I could do. With all that bittersweet, it was SO worth it:)

Jason and I sat down and pulled off all of the leaves last night, now I just have to find places for all of it, ha!

I did put a few corn stalks in the kitchen for decor and will post pics soon.

If you click on this pic of Jason de-leafing youll see exactly what bittersweet looks like before the berries open. A good way to see the foliage when looking for it in the wild!


belladella said...

Fun weekend and beautiful pictures! Love the bittersweet.

Deb said...

Hi Jenn, it looks great and what a blessing to find it along the side of the road so you didn't have to pay those high prices. Deb

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi jenn,
You are so lucky to get all that bittersweet and grapevine! I have to get mine at the craft show in a couple weeks:)

LINDA said...

what great luck! i mentioned to my dh about driving into the country to cut some bittersweet off fence lines got postponed. seeing yours, i know we gotta get out there and find some.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

We don't have it down here. I think it was outlawed or something a long, long time ago. But I love it and wish I could find some!
Jenn, everything looks awesome, as usual!

tidymom said...

awesome find!! and lucky you! I can't believe you got your hubby to help with it too!!! Mine would never sit and pull leaves off of something - unless it was for his deer stand! LOL


nikkicrumpet said...

I just gathered up my bittersweet but haven't stripped the leaves yet. I've been snooping around your blog and I'm having alot of fun! So many pretty things to look at...well except for those ANTS! not so pretty!