Friday, September 19, 2008

Ive been tagged!

Carolyn at Cranberry Crossings has tagged me.

I am suppose to list 6 random things about myself, hmmm!
Where to start?

1. Ide love to learn how to make ornies and dolls but I dont have a sewing machine. Im sure its not all that hard?

2. Im anal about my bed! I have a king size featherbed but only a queen bed, 4 blankets including a king HEAVY fuzzy blanket and a sheet(even in the summer). Every night before bed I have to fluff my featherbed so it looks like a huge mountain. Its HEAVEN climbing in my bed!

3. If my coffee doesnt taste just right I dump it out and start over!

4. I vacuum close to 8 times a day EVERY day! Ive got 2 babies and 13 birds, its messy around here!

5. Its hard for me to walk up stairs carrying a laundry basket so I have to set it on each step as I walk up.

6. Im Italian, Irish, AND have red hair - wowie!

Ive seen this tagged list circulate around fast since yesterday so Im just going to leave it here for whoever hasnt benn tagged to go ahead and grab it:)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

And I thought I knew you! LOL! I didn't know about your bed! It sounds wonderful!

Linda said...

That bed does sound wonderful. We have a 3 year old king size memory foam bed and it is awful! I was thinking of getting a featherbed to put on top - you have convinced me to try it!

Have a great Sunday!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Do you have rom for another award? I have one for you! :)

Merrie. said...

HeY Jenn; your package shipped out on Fri; finally I know! You will laugh when you see it I know; the packaging; the postal lady would not do it like the other post lady does and just put stickers over the labels for bulk rate! So she made me put it in another box; get it; a box in a box; LOL! Im saying that they are CRAZY here!!!!! Well I hope that you like these things! Cuz I know you will know what to do with them! Merrie ( hope u feel better now?)

Cathy said...

Oh your bed sounds like HEAVEN!!!! and I have a little red haired baby! LOVE it!