Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful Weekend and an award

What a great weekend eh?

Well after spending 2 days on the couch barely moving I FINALLY felt a little better when I woke up on Saturday, so I spent the morning painting a piece I found in the garbage. Its a small stand with a few little shelves that I plan to put in a corner with a candle on it. Ill post pics of the finished as soon as I am done. We hit a yard sale on Saturday afternoon and I found a ton of americana items for cheap for the kids room. Sunday was the reptile show in Buffalo, on the way we saw these 3 crates in the garbage. I had to re-arrange the livingroom last night around THEM and just threw a few things on. Ive been wanting crates like this for some time to put alongside my chair. Ive also been looking for 8 of them, or similiar ones to make into a cubby storage for the kids room. This is my lil stand I picked up Friday night before

And this is an almost done, I still have to prim it up

Theres are the crates

I wanted to take a ride over to the craft show in Orchard Park to see if I could find Kimmie from WhisperingPrims but by the time we got out of the reptile show it was too late to head that far south. BUT Jason did get another snake, its a Pueblan Milk and is very pretty.

While I was painting in the garage my neighbor from across the street came over to ask if wanted their pumpkins. Their kids are all grown and she doesnt decorate in fact he told Jason that wait every yr to see how I am going to decorate the outside and enjoy ours. Isnt that nice?! Gave me a big head I tell ya, ha! Here is Jason walking the pumpkins over.

Im ALL over with this post, I keep remembering things as Im typing along!
There is this little place around the corner from me called The Goodie Barn and EVERY time we drive by I want to stop. She was open on Sat so I HAD to stop in. She makes everything, fried twinkies, fried candy bars, gourmet popcorn, gourmet apples, fudge! OMG I found Heaven! I had a piece of fried cheesecake and WOW. I also got a few chunks of her maple fudge. What a business she has going.

Ive also been awarded:) My sweet friend Caroyln from Cranberry Crossings had honored me with this wonderful award! If there is anyone out there who has not yet received this award please go ahead and GRAB it for yourselves!!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!


basketsnprims said...

Good morning, Jenn! I love your finds & that little cabinet is looking great. I have a couple of those old crates that are super old. They come in handy for displaying my treasures. I can't imagine going to a reptile show ~ I have a big fear of snakes. Have a great day!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Wow! Jenn, what great finds! I love the little stand and the crates! And you have decorated them so nicely!
How nice of your neighbor to give you the pumpkins and the sweet compliment! But that doesn't surprise me. :)
Have a great day! So glad to hear that yo are feeling better!

Heather's Stitches said...


Glad that your feeling better! OH Show your Americana finds sometime! Great deal on those Pumpkins and I love your stand, I can never find crates like those cheap around here, great find!

Enjoy your Monday,

CozyCoops Corner said...

What a great find on that stand~ it looks great ! Isn't fun finding things like that and fixing them up. Love what you did with the crates to!

Wendy said...

Hi Jenn glad to hear your feeling better!!! You found some great goodies!! And fried cheese cake sounds yummy!! How awesome to get all those pumpkins from your neighbor, and a nice compliment to boot!! Have a great day!~Wendy

Linda said...

Oh that little cabinet is so cute with the beadboard side. Can't wait to see it done! Glad you are feeling more human!

This Country Girl said...

Jenn, I love both the stand and the crates. Those are awesome pieces to decorate with! So nice of your neighbor to give you the pumpkins too! I'm ready to decorate the outside...need to go pumpkin shopping myself!

Happy Fall, Jenn!

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Isn't it amazing what people throw away! Love how you painted the little stand.

Thank you for visiting me. I can't stop looking for things to paint black...luckily my cat is already black or he'd be painted, too!