Saturday, November 8, 2008

New things Ive been working on!

Good Saturday Morning!

What a wonderful weather week this was. I think that's over now:(
Oh, I'm not complaining, I'm looking forward to our first snow!!

I spent the whole week inside making things and taking care of my sicky icky Dom, except for yesterday, we actually got out while waiting for Bella to get home from school and I cleaned the garage for Jason.

Here's a few things Ive been making. You should see my house - what a disaster!!

Wax dipped salt dough icicles (I have another batch waiting to be dipped in wax and I'm planning on adding mica so they are glittery)

Let It Snow Garland

Bowl Fillers

Star door greeter ( I still have to add some greenery and berries)

AND my Santa, I'm so proud of how he turned out. I don't have wool and wouldn't
know the first thing about where to get it or how to use it so I used what I had. This was my first pinch stitch and a BIG thanks to Shari who gave me a little tut on how to do it. Not sure if it is the RIGHT way or not but it kinda looks like it is:)

I cant believe it!!

Check back as I have a giveaway planned:)


Crowing About Primitives said...

Hello Jenn... Wool I have Wool.. I sell lots and lots of it..

I am glad to see that I am not the only one that loves christmas.. it never comes early enough for me... Ann

Laurie from Amish Country said...

Wow you have been busy! Great job on all your projects and they look so good. I love the santa.

belladella said...

First of all- CONGRATS ON 100! I am about to make that mark too. Hard to believe. I love everything you have made and get so inspired every single time you show us your crafty talents. Wonderful!

Kath said...

Hi Jenn-WOW I love everything!! Nice job!
btw-I like your header pic too...and your Santa turned out GREAT!

Have a great weekend.


My*Prim*Cottage said...

Jenn...when do you sleep girl? And where do you get your energy? I want some of that! Lol! Everything looks great! ~Beth~

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

My goodness how talented you are!
I love everything and the fabric of the door greeter I just adore:)
Santa is wonderful too!
PS. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend:)

Linda said...

SO many good things!! You have been busy!!

simple~needs said...

great job on all the goodies!! i have raw wool that i just pull some out and wash as needed for projects..... i got it from a local farmer for free. :)

CozyCoops Corner said...

Love the bowl fillers and Santa!Great job on everything!

Karen said...

Oh I love what you have done...I sooo like the Santa.
Great job stringing the garland.

Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Hi, Jenn!! Thank you again for your visit to my blog!! Love your icicles!! I can't find how to contact you, but would love to send you some wool for your little Santa, and tell you how to stitch it on!! Just give me a holler, and your mailing address, and I will send you some!! I am adding you to my list of fun blogs to visit, too!! Sincerely, Trudy

Shari Kraft said...

LOVE the icicles! I'll have to give that a try!

I'm liking the tag garland also. You're a crafty little thing, aren't cha!

Be sure to mention on your blog about your drawing.....

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!!! And you have been a busy girl!!! It was really nice here weather wise to this past week. I LOVE your santa I sure wish I knew how to do these sort of crafts!! Have a great day!~Wendy

Shari Kraft said...

I didn't notice before what you said about the pinch nose....looks good to me! I think you got the hang of it! :)

Deb said...

Hello Jenn! You've been quite busy over there I love everything. I'm toning down my Christmas decorations this year but, I can't wait to get started. Deb

Kimberly said...

Looove everything, especially your bowl fillers! Great job!

Char said...

love all your goodies!...You have been a very busy little elf!

Shari Kraft said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your sweet words you left me on my blog! I love helping you! What are friends for! :) Can't believe you lived in Phoenix! I live about 3 hours north. Look it up. Just go north on I-17 to Cordes Jct. then take 69 to Prescott, and then north on 89 to Ash Fork. All there is to it!!

Lauren said...

I love all the things you've been working on...especially the santa and bowl fillers! Very cute:) Have a great weekend! <3Lauren

AnnaSam said...

Everything looks wonderful as usual! By the way, I have been meaning to ask how your ankle is doing?Have a great weekend chickie!

Terry said...

Congrats on your 100th post. I think it will be a long time before I get there.
I just can't believe how much you've gotten finished...and how fast you got the hang of that sewing machine!
Those icicles are so funky...I love them...and the garland, and Santa.
You rock girl!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Jenn, you are such an amazing person! You inspire me in so many ways! I love everything you have made! I think the Santa is my favorite.
And I love your header photo. Looks like your home is ready for Christmas.
Have a great week!

Janene said...

You have been very busy! I think that it all looks wonderful.
I have been meaning to tell you, I think your window always looks so nice!
Have a great weekend~


pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Jen i just love how your snowman turned out.Its been cold and windy today but for the past few days its been raining a lot so the dogs and cats have all had muddy paws so lots of mopping up,I went into town today to visit the only decent shop that sells prim goodies for christmas and of course i bought a rusty christmas tree , i will post pictures later.Take care~Kate~

lindanuts said...

I love your header. I love prims and I just can't seem to get thte hang of it. I have an eclectic collection of antique, prim, really used and some new stuff.
I really love your bowl fillers....
Perhaps a tutorial is in order?

Trudy said...

Hi Jenn,

Wow missy you sure have been busy! I love everything that you have made, but I must admit that Santa is a real keeper:) If you want to sell him, I want to buy him!

Congratulations on your 100th post. Mine is coming up soon too, and I am trying to get all of my swaps organized, and my list of needfuls ready for some serious craft time in the next few weeks. Of course then there will be christmas baking and decorating, and friends, family, and hockey. Too much to do, and not enough energy, although I do love it! I have already got a good start on your swap that you are running! It is so easy to buy or make for someone that basically has the same tastes as oneself...its just knowing when to stop!

Have a great day Jenn,
Wooly hugs,

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Love all your Christmas prims! The fabric on your star greeter is fabulous! Congratulations on your 100th post.


JeanM said...

Congrats on your 100th post!