Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Secret Santa Swap

Its been almost 3 weeks since I sent emails to everyone that joined the swap with their swappers info. I just want to make SURE that everyone received this email and remind you that mail date is Friday November 21 - a WEEK away!!

Let me know if there are any problems



carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I hope it goes well Jenn!

Trudy said...

Ho Ho Ho Jenn,

I am filling my parcel as we speak...had to smack my daughters hand today cause she was trying to steal something out of it!

I think I get more excited with the giving than I do with the receiving; its so much fun to do, especially when they like prims too!

Thanks so much for organizing all of this:)

Wooly hugs,

Kath said...

Thanks for the friendly reminder Jenn...I am busy busy busy! Still have some last minute things to finish up...
Will have mine ready to mail soon!! :)

Thanks agian!


CozyCoops Corner said...

Mine will go out on Monday the 17th. I can't wait for everyone to get their goodies!Thanks for setting this up Jenn!

belladella said...

Thank you for the reminder. I swear, I can't believe that we are in the middle of November. I need to get on it! :)

Sarah said...

Can you send me the website for my person again? I have their name and address but misplaced their blogsite. Let me know if you can Thanks!

My*Prim*Cottage said...

I'm working on it and it will be ready to go! Thanks for the reminder! ~Beth~

Shari Kraft said...

I'm all set. Just finishing up my project tonight and tomorrow. :)

Rachel and Jacob said...

yeah for presents and Christmas decor! :) wooot.

Kimberly said...

No worries, it's all merry and bright around here!

Raggedy Angel said...

Workin' on it.....I'll Git er done!

basketsnprims said...

I've got mine all ready & it will go out next week.


Laurie from Amish Country said...

Mine will go out next Tuesday...it's my day off and give me time to get to the post office.
Thanks for the reminder!

simple~needs said...

i got mine.
things are getting ready to be put in the box. :)

mary said...

Got it all packed up and ready to go!! ~mary~

This Country Girl said...

Hi Jenn,

I just stopped in to say hi. I had you on my mind today...not even sure why...but you came to mind several times. I hope you're having a great day!

By the way, I'm behind on my blog reading, but I saw your blow fillers below and I love all of them!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'm still working on mine but it will go out on time! I'm having such a good time finding goodies for it, sure does put you in the spirit of the season! Thanks again for hosting it!

Janene said...

Thanks for stopping by and confirming that I am not the only one with self-absorbed teenagers!
I was just reading your about me page. I love the "Wedding Crashers". I'm not sure who I like better, Vince or Owen. Both I think!
And "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"
Love it!!
Have a good Wednesday!!

Merrie. said...

Hi Jenn; I loved that word verification! LOL; hope you all are better now; It is so grey today that I just can't get motivated to move; Oh well! :) See you soon! Merrie

JenW!~ said...

I need to get my butt in gear I don't have one thing done for my partner.