Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Fun, GW Finds and some pics

Hi Guys!

What beautiful weather we're having eh? It won't last long here, for now!

Sunday we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and they had SOOOO much fun!

Saturday I hit 3 GW stores and didnt find all that much. 2 wooden candle sticks, a pewter candle stick, a few shelves and a teeny tiny cast iron pan that I am using as a candle pan. I did take pics of my finds but my "work/craft" table in the basement is so cluttered you wouldnt beable to tell what you were looking at. So I wont bother posting them. Ill post the re-do pics instead!

Last night we took a ride down to the lake so I could get some shots of the lighthouse and the sunset. It was SO COLD down there, I had to sit in the car and couldnt get the pics I really wanted. It HAD TO BE 30 deg cooler down there than it was at my house which is about 5 miles away. Oooooh baby, that lake breeze is brutal in the winter!!

Well thats about it for me, outta time! HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!


Pam said...

Wow your pics are wonderful. I love that sunset. It's so beautiful. So nice when winter is over. Friday is the first day of spring. We have a Chucky Cheese to. Been there 1 time. Wow does it get noisey. LOL....I have been to GW and new find anything good. Oh well. Maybe someday.

Have a happy St. Patricks day.
Hugs pam

Heather's Stitches said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! Great pics of the sunset.

Happy St. Patricks Day,

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Love all the pics! Looks like Bella rode the same thing K did when we took her. She loves that place and always wants to go back. It is so close and so reasonable, that we have been about 3 times in the last month! LOL!
Sounds like you found some awesome GW finds! Can't wait to see them!
And your pics are awesome! I love the setting sun!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Beautiful pictures Jenn! Sounds like some good GW finds. Can't wait to see them! Have a good St. Patricks Day!
Janae :-)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh those last 2 pictures are fabulous..especially the last one..glad you had a great time at chucky cheese..your kids are cute as can be...:)

Janene said...

We have never been to Chuck E. Cheese's...you would think with all of these kids that we would have gone sometime...but No!
That sunset is gorgeous! Your camera takes awesome pics.
I hope you post your finds soon...because I love to see what everyone picks up!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! My goodness there are some wonderful places in our native country huh! ♥

cynthialeedesigns said...

Looks like you all had alot of fun.
I love the lighthouse photo! When we go on vacation...alot of the times we plan them around touring lighthouses in places that we have never been. The sunset is just awesome.

Terry said...

You're getting some great pictures with your new camera!
The kids looks like they're growing again! They look so happy. That's a great place to take them.
I haven't been since my boys were little...a long time ago. haha!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Just wanted to thank you again for the adorable winnings, the bunnies are too cute! I wasn't sure how to contact you since there was no note or email addy and Yankee Ridge threw me but I found you! No problem in the delay, I know how life can take over at times, it was worth the wait, you do great work! And I love that sunset, wow!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous sunset!! And that lighthouse is awesome, your so lucky to live by one! Hope your having a great week!~Wendy

Karen said...

Awwww the kids look like they're having so much fun...and mom looks like she is too! lol

Love the lighthouse - it's just beautiful.

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