Monday, March 16, 2009

Wool vs Mohair?

Just need a lil advice here. Im hoping someone out here can help:)

What is the difference between wool and mohair?

There is a farm not too far from me that is selling wool and mohair for around $8 per POUND, uncleaned! Does this sound good? Whats involved in washing?

Is mohair better or wool?

Haha....20 questions! Just want to be sure before I make the purchase.

Here is her website - www . windameer . com

This is a short post as Ive ben fixing my OS since 11PM last night. We somehow got ANOTHER spyware and it locked me up. I spent close to 5 hours in a few tech chats trying to fix the problem and it wouldnt let me.
BEWARE of a prog called SysProtector. It will attach a little yellow bar to the top of your browser under your tool bar. When it 1st happens you can still surf which would hopefully give you enough time to remove it by going to If not - look out!

I had to do a complete restore this morning. Lost ALL of my pics, graphics, patterns that I didnt back up!

Im usually really good at being able to find and fix all kinds of ad/spyware and virus' malicious or not but this one gave me a REAL hard time! And I wasnt about to pay someone to do it when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself!!

Ive got ALOT of pics to post so stay tuned................

Hmmm, blogger would not let me type in her website.....weird!???


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Jenn, I'm so sorry you are having such a time with your computer.

About the mohair verses wool, mohair IS wool! It comes from the angora goat and is generally a better grade of wool. That's what I make my mohair teddy bears from, because that's what they were made of 100 years ago. The mohair I use has been woven into a cotton backing, so it's differnt than what you are probably wanting.

I assume you are wanting wool for penny rugs and such? That would be totally different. I have no idea about prices per pound. I hope someone with that knowledge will answer this for you.

Or email Terry! :)

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

Well DUH! I shoulda known that!

No, this is mohair for santa beards and doll hair!

I thought $8 per pound sounded like a great deal because there are ebay sellers charging that per OUNCE!

But this is unwashed, so I was wondering if that was why?

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Carolyn answered your questions very well, one thing I can add is that Mohair lacks felting properties that other wool, the fiber is smooth scaled. It is a durable fiber and take color well.

Good luck, I have never cleaned and processed wool. Curious how much work it would be though.