Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Offerings and an update

So, Jason came home from work Thurs night and fixed the phone! YAY!
The construction guys knocked the line loose somewhere. I get SO mad when my phone is out! Happens quite often since we have digital but its usually on within minutes unless the power goes out.

I talked to my Dr Friday morning, he scheduled me for a Retrograde Cystogram (something or other) Xray on May 6th. Sounds made up, doesnt it? UGH, I wish! They will put me out for this one and Im dreading it. This test gives them a better look at the cyst and its placement by using a scope hooked up to a xray.

I gotta tell ya how fed up I am! Why couldnt they just start with the Ctscan? Why go through ALL of those tests when I was just going to end up with a ct anyhow?

Heres the rundown,

April 1st xray on my back and thats when they found the cyst
April 14th MRI
April 22 ultrasound and Ctscan

In between 3 Dr visits, who said its serious and then its not cancer so not to worry! . YEAH - Im done, fork me baby...Im done!

My poor husband is walking on eggshells and I feel awful!

Its like either take the darn thing out or leave it! I probably GLOW at night with the amount of radiation thats in my body, between my foot, knee, neck, back and now this, HA! Could that really happen? OMG - wouldnt that be something!?

Ive been trying to keep busy and I have been. Ive put out some major doll action this last week, I even made up 2 colonial spool dolls this morning while waiting for Jason to get up! Keeps my mind off of things.

These are all available by custom order, just send me an email,

Keep your eyes open, Ill be listing a few new wooden shelves and smalls in the next week or so:) Ill also be listing a few Easter prims that I took out of my shop for SUPER cheap!! I gotta move em and not store them!


Patti said...

Jenn: How are you able to get so much done?? I love your red haired annie doll-way too cute. The Lincoln wall hanger is terrific....Sometimes they find things on xray/mri/ctscans when they're not looking for them (like with you) but they turn out to be nothing at all....if you are feeling good don't worry....I will be thinking about you...

One Prim Girl said...

I hope everything is well with you, I am always wondering how your doing. The new items are just adorable especially the bear and red haired annie doll! How much are they, can I add these to my order? dont forget to let me know about that, how you want to do this?

Let me know when you list the spring items super cheap, I am down with this as I love your items.

Please stay calm and God Bless, things will be fine.

Susannah said...

Good luck, Jen...I have been including you and your family in my prayers and I wish you well. Keep your chin never know until every test is done. Believe me, I know.

Saying prayers,

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your impending surgery. I would be happy to help in trying to anwser any questions you might have as I am a certified surgical technologist or (CST). That is medical specalty talk meaning that my job is to be the scrub nurse for surgeons. I have been working in this field for about 10 years and am also going to nursing school at current. Please feel free to contact me at my email, if you would like to talk.
Just wanting to help if I can. :)

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

You are amazing girl! How you are holding up with all these dr. visits, not really knowing what's going to happen...but I give you credit...your spirit is up.
Cute dolls!


PrimWyoGirl said...

Hang in there Jenn! I know it is long and drawn out. Sometimes they need to get to one point to realize they need more information to do everything right. At least you are keeping yourself busy to try to keep your mind off... Your new creations are wonderful! I will watch for your Easter and woodens next week. Can't wait to see what you have... Have a good Sunday! Thinking of you... :)

Hayley @ Prim it Up! said...

Love the prims!!! You are so talented and I can't wait to get Jennie Ann! lol..

Thinking of you and hoping you get well soon.. hugs to all of you!