Friday, May 28, 2010

Can you say M E S S?!!!!!

So back in March we noticed a good sized sink hole in our front yard!

It doesn't look that big here in the picture but when Jas stood in it all you could see of him was his waist up!

Back 20 years ago our front yards were lined with HUGE ditches. "Apparently" there was a pig farmer who was dumping the pig waste which was running into the ditches so the town came out and laid pipe and filled them in.

Well our pipe had rotted and caused the sink hole. Of course, it could only happen to US! Seems my streak of bad luck is never ending.

So I called the town super out who informed me they perform the work, dig up the pipe, replace it and fill back in at their cost. BUT, we must pay for the pipe which is $6 PER FOOT and its 175 foot across! Yeah - do the math!! And that price fluctuates with the price of oil - GOTTA LOVE NY eh!!?

AND seeding and grading is left up to us, HUH? Luckily, our neighbor "Slim" is running the equipment and said hed make sure they grade it,seed and leave it looking nice! Damn skippy! Thanks Slim!!

Day 1 -

Work started Wed and we were hoping that they were just going to remove the rotted pipe and patch in a new piece, saving us hundreds of $$$. Here's my luck they were cutting out the old pipe it just kept breaking off so they have to do the whole front yard! JOY!!

Can I just vent for a minute how much of a mess this is? Not to mention how my house fills up with dirt dust EVERY time a car drives by!

Day 2 -
Right across the driveway!

So thats where we stand with that. Rain headed in this morning, outta make for quite a LOVELY front yard muddy mess!!

Well that was a bummer of a post wasnt it!??

Its ok, we'll live:)

Havent been crafting all that much, booth is stocked so Ive been slacking a bit. I do have 7 naked dolls sitting on my table waiting on clothes and I did make up these Prairie sweeties this morning.

One is a makedo and one can either hang or sit.

Both available for purchase:)

Happy Memorial Day, big plans this weekend?

Im not doing a SINGLE thing, gonna relax and enjoy the weather:)


basketsbyrose said...

Good luck with the digging your front yard. What a mess, and then you get to pay for it! Enjoy your weekend!

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

Ha, you summed it up better than I, in just a few short words:)
Paying for it it more ways then one!!

Patti said...

Oh my gosh awful...I hope you have a great holiday certainly deserve it!!

Patti said...

Hey Jenn: Is your sale & gift certificate thing going on at the shoppe too? I may make a know that I loooove everthing that you make!!

WoolenSails said...

Doesn't seem fair that you should have to pay.
And that is our luck too, we are the ones who buy the one bad tv or appliance in the store, haha.


Brenda said...

Ok, I gotta tell you, I was feeling pretty good when I stopped by and now I'm feeling a little dusty and worse for wear. HMMM. That post was pretty depressing... I thought Summer was for FUN!? Man, I sure hope it gets better because just reading about it maked me tired. Sorry.
And they don't even throw in a cleaning crew to wipe the dust fom the windows??? UGGG