Saturday, June 26, 2010

Annie AND Andy

Happy Saturday!

Is it cool and rainy where you are? Nice change so Im not complaining ONE bit!

Worked my butt of Wed - Fri on raggedies. Actually started and finished 4, yeppers FOUR more! I put in 11 hours yesterday working on them. My back and shoulders are killing me. I was able to nestle into the couch under my fuzzy blanket during the making of these cuties so I didnt overdo it one bit!

Jas and I were able to get over to my shop this morning. We had to switched out a cupboard we had in there and I did a little rearranging of dolls. So I feel better about that, the booth looks awesome! Nice n full.

So heres the cuties I finished up late last night, they are all up for adoption by custom order only.

SOLD - Thank You!

Dont forget about my July 4th sale:) It runs until Monday July 5th.

I am hoping to get back on with a new set of dolls Im working on before my birthday. In case I dont, Have a VERY Happy July 4th. We are headed out of town to the Southern tier to the inlaws camp for my birthday weekend and PLAN to be home Monday. We'll see how that goes, I am still in alot of pain so I may just say lets stay home.


dee begg said...

Love the raggedies. Have a great weekend.


Patti said...

love all your new annies and andys...Also love your new SMF "mad" dollies. you gotta post those!!take it easy!

Sew Many Raggedies said...

LOVE!!your Raggedies! They are just the sweetest. Stay cool.