Friday, August 20, 2010

Spindella and Crescent

She even has the witchy hair to match her witchy'ness:)

She is made from a Kim Kohler pattern.

I gotta tell ya, if you havent made one of her designs, get over to her site and check out her patterns. I literally have a BALL while making her dolls. I sit there and giggle the whole time Im painting on their face!!

She is made from stained muslin. Her dress is made from a wicked glittery spider fabric. Her hat is a fabric covered paper cone.
I hand painted her face with acrylics.

She measures aprox 27" long from the tip of her hat down to her witchy feet.

Crescent is made from painted muslin, also with hand painted facial features.

They available by custom order -

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Patti said...

so wickedly witchy COOL!!!