Saturday, August 14, 2010

Americana Sale

Hi Guys!

I took ALL americana items out of my booth today so Im marking them WAY down!

These will go to the FIRST person that emails me and I will require IMMEDIATE payment! I just cant "hold" items and wait to be paid anymore! I will send you an invoice as soon as I receive your email.

These pictures were JUST taken, real quick so there is no pretty setting!!

First we have Mr Taxman with his rusty can for tax donations:)
$15 $10 plus travel

Americana Mammy, baby and teddy
$22 $15 plus travel SOLD

Shes a BIG girl at a REALLY great price! You arent going to find a mammy doll for this price!

Americana hat lamp
$28$18 plus travel SOLD

Americana Prairie doll
$18$10 plus travel SOLD

Colonial Spool Doll - 1 available (white doll)
$13 ea plus travel

Please email me at jenn_martino@yahoo if you would like to purchase


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Jenn, they are all so cute! I'm sure you will sel them quickly. :)

Olde Corps Primitives said...

HI there! If you still have the Mr. Taxman please invoice me..I must have him lol.
they are so darn cute!

Olde Corps Primitives said...

happy New year! Do you still have Mr. Taxman? If so, I would LOVE to buy him! I really adore him.
They are all so cute!