Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holly & Spice


The 2 cuties are my latest creations, both currently available. SOLD, thank you Deb!

They are both made from painted muslin.
Their faces and shoes have been hand painted using acrylics.
They are meant to sit but I can add a hanger if you like.

Holly is wearing a vintage baby sweater!!

Spice is wearing a fuzzy green reindeer jacket that I made out of my sons Christmas sweater.

Email me at jenn_martino@yahoo.com if interested in these gals.
I accept Paypal ONLY and require immediate payment!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh they are both adorable..hard to choose..love that little reindeer sweater..you do such nice work..I love my dollies that I have from you.;)

At Home With Amy said...

These little characters are just so precious. Their little faces are so adorable.
You are a fabulous crafter!

Kimberly said...

Jenn, you do a wonderful job on your dolls... the faces are amazing!

Sinta Renee said...

I just wanted you to know how happy I was to see that you posted... 2 reasons: #1 I was looking all over blogs yesterday for the wonderful holiday music I had heard last week but forgot who had it on their blog... so that I could put every one of them on my itunes nano. (now I see that it was your blog!) #2 I love your newest creations! They are so adorable and yes, the faces are amazing... I try not to make purchases for myself during the holiday, and if I bought one of these, I couldn't possibly see giving it away! oh, what to do, but just out of curiosity... could you please let me know how much they are/and do you have your elf available for adoption still???

michelle said...

Holly is so cute with her little sweater on with her hoodi up and I just love spices green sweater.How precious.great job!blessings michelle

PEA said...

LOVE< LOVE< Love them.
You get so much done. How do you do it. I haven't crafted all week. I miss it. Can't keep up.

JenW!~ said...

Love them both Jenn. One of these days I will own one of your creations.

Hayley @ Prim it Up! said...

Both amazing, you're very talented Jenn! xoxo