Wednesday, November 24, 2010

THANKFUL for such a great year!


I had a few minutes to hop on while Im waiting on my pie to finish baking!!!
I want to thank my blog friends for sticking with me and my blogs even though I dont post that often anymore OR get around to visiting you all, like I should!

And I want to thank ALL of my customers (online and those who visit my booth at Canal Country Artisans) (I know there are a few locals who check my blog:))for making this such a great year!
When I started crafting I NEVER thought it would take off this well!!!!

As far as crafting goes, there may be some changes in the New Year, it all depends on how much Patti can convince me:)
I havent totally decided yet, but stay tuned.....just in case:)

Speaking of the New Year, I DID decide on a few things...
There will be NO trauma's, NO tragedies, NO stealing from me, NO issues with family!!!!!! I am simply choosing to have a better year, not worry about so much and not let the grouchies that like to stir up trouble bother me:)! Oh yeah - my case FINALLY goes to trial on Jan 24th, no telling where we go from there but hey - it will be FOUR years the end of Dec, Im just glad there is progress!!!

So....Thank you ALL!

I will be back sometime soon with pictures of my father's house, if you remember last Christmas eve a space heater started a fire in his bedroom and he lost everything. Well it has been totally gutted and remodeled and you WILL NOT believe your eyes!

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!!


Cindy's Stitching said...

Have a blessed thanksgiving

At Home With Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your daddys home.

PrimWyoGirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Jenn! I am so glad your fathers house has been redone! I can't wait to see pictures. Sounds like you have made your mind up for a wonderful year ahead. I am wishing you the same!
Happy Turkey Day!
Hugs! Jayne

Susannah said...

Looking forward to the pics of your Dad's house. I remember you speaking of it last year. You will have a different kind of year cause you "said so"! That is a great attitude! Happy Thanksgiving!


Trudy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I look forward to seeing pictures of your Dad's home, it must be wonderful to put that tragedy behind him! I like your attitude for the next year, and will have to try it myself!

Wooly hugs,

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!! Let's definitely do some different things next year!! See you soon. Glad that your Dad's house is finished! patti ;)

Y1M said...

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I certainly did. I've been out of the net. So looking foward to seeing your father's home.

You remind me...I need to give some careful thoughts to what in my life needing a little tweaking. Certainly expecting nothing but BETTER this coming year. Wishing the same for everyone and especially for you Jenn during your trial.