Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend fun & crafts

I got ALOT accomplished this weekend.
I finally painted my breadbox, was one of those 70's - 80's ones with the glass in the door that read "bread". I didnt get a before shot, I forgot! I actually left the door off and am using it as a cubby on my kitchen counter!

Without the door -

With the door -

Also had a yard sale and made out pretty good considering we are on a slow traveled country road. I made about $160 just on crib bedding, a high chair, and toddler toys. Everything I didnt sell went out to the edge of my drive in hopes that someone will drive by who can use it!

Friday night we were able to sit outdoors and enjoy the weather without being too cold or eaten alive by bugs! I picked up some sparklers last weekend at the flea market and the kids had a BALL playing with them!

Notice I said kids? Even HUBBY had fun! Haha!!!!

We even got the garage ALL cleaned out and the clutter put away! Thats a feat Ive been trying to conquer for months now!

We've also been talking about adopting a dog and was looking at a high kill shelter in KY but ended up finding one right here in our home town. Shes a Dobe mix and tiny. Shell only get about 30-35lbs and is the cutest lil pup! We went to meet her this weekend, took the kids with us and she is great with them. She was chewing on her toy and Jason made sure she had no aggression when Bella went to take it out of her mouth. We came home, filed out the application and are waiting on a home visit. So were pretty excited!!

Alot accomplished eh?

Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!!!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Jenn, I love your breadbox! I ahve one that I have been wanting to re-do too. I love that you made a cubby out of it!

I will keep mine as a breadbox though, because I hate to see bread cluttering up my counters! LOL!

Cute pics too, and good for you on your yard sale! WooHoo! :)

Debbi said...

Great idea to use the breadbox as a cubby. Congrats on the puppy, I'm sure she is a cutey

This simple Life said...

Taking the door off is brilliant.